I have some Great news to share with you !
We just hit a very big milestone by getting published in an International magazine about Recording Studios and the art of Recording .
Article :
“MD Recording Studios: From Athens With Love
A determined engineer leads a hard-working crew to turn a ramshackle building in the Greek capital into a world-class recording complex with two control rooms and three tracking rooms. Check out this remarkable transformation!”
MD Recording Studio got featured in the Latest issue of Recording Magazine and is available all over America and Europe !!!
This is something really big for me and the people that have worked really hard alongside with me to bring the Studio to the point it has reached today.
I cant stress it enough how proud and honored i am by that and how grateful i am to the people that have supported me and my Studio either by choosing to work with us or supporting in many different ways.
Once again i want to thank you all for the trust, the moments, the inspiration and the great music, projects and creations you are bringing to this studio !
As always i will keep up and on with what i am doing and try to get better day after day.
As said in the Article
“Walking into this Studio everyday puts a big smile on my face and working with a smile is the most important thing”