Since I was a young boy, I used to read Metal Hammer. Dimebag Darell’s death made me buy the first issue and then it just came to me. I couldn’t stop reading about this awesome Music Community.

Years later, after working hard and creating a whole complex of Recording & Rehearsing Studios, I have the pleasure to be featuring on the first page of the Studios Report. I really wanna thank my dear friends and colleagues, and especially my lovely family for supporting me during this time.

Last but not least, my work & projects cover a huge range of Music Genres, including Metal, Rock, Core etc. but I don’t want to distinguish any of them. I feel like all kinds of Music deserve to be heard and each one of them gives another chill down your spine or makes you wanna headbang!

Thank you for all the trust & the support you ‘ve shown me so far,
Nick MD.