Our answer is always an emphatic YES when it comes to adventure time!
The “Great Little Hunters” tournament is raising awareness of school students towards recycling batteries. It aims to systematically educate children in an interactive way, in order to guide them in the conscientious collection of used batteries in AFIS buckets.

Our mission was to create a series of videos launching and advertising their actions.
Our ultimate goal, design and animation-wise, was to follow the adventurous feel of paperback novels, movies and Sunday cartoons like Ducktales, enhancing and adapting the scripts to fully-fledged stories of exploration and excitement!

Client: AFIS S.A. Battery Recycling
Production: ADMINE Digital Advertising Agency
Direction/Creative direction: TROUT / ADMINE Digital Advertising Agency
Design: TROUT
Animation/Compositing: TROUT
Music/Sound Design: MD Recording Studio