A secret spectacle inside a cathedral…
a mysterious screening…
a sole spectator who bears witness…

Introductory video for the screenings of the 27th Athens International Film Festival
which took place from 22/9 to 3/10/2021. This years’ screenings featured an extended retrospective to the great Orson Welles as well as the usual award winning films from around the globe.

Paying an experimental homage to the genius of Orson Welles and to the mystery and awe of the big screen, we constructed a filmic riddle: What if a venue was both a cathedral AND a cinema?  What if a projection was thrown backwards, emerging from the screen and ending on our ecstatic faces? What if a reflection of cinema itself was enclosed in a snow globe?!

Well, see the video and find out!

Client: AIFF
Direction / Creative Direction: TROUT
Design: TROUT
Animation: TROUT
Sound: MD recording studios