Rooms and Facilities

Using the best analogue, vintage and modern audio equipment, our acoustically stellar rooms coupled with skillful audio engineers and producers we will help you achieve the best sounding outcome for your project, guiding and supporting you in every step.


Standing at a grand 5,5 meters high and boasting precision variable acoustics, Live Room A is designed to accommodate the most acoustically demanding recordings. In this room you can record literally anything you can imagine, from huge drum sounds and shimmering piano ambience to airy and warm solo & choir recordings or string quartets, Live Room A is your go-to choice for the most beautiful & awe inspiring musical outcome.


Also known as the “Amp and Vocal room”, Live Room B with its stone wall and variable acoustics is the best choice for isolated sources like solo vocals, tingling acoustic guitars, string ensembles, orchestral & handheld percussions, woodwinds and brass as well as any guitar tone you can imagine, from a clean warm jazz tone to a thumping high gain metal tone. This room provides the ideal sound for a tight & solid production in any genre.


Also designed with variable acoustics, Live Room C is an all-purpose recording room ready to take on drum recordings, loud vocals, heavy guitars and live recordings. It also lends itself great for acoustic ensembles and for precisely monitored band rehearsals. In this room bands and artist can plug in and have a perfect monitor mix, ideal for composing new ideas or rehearsing their material before tracking sessions. Live Room C is utilised on all the preproduction sessions, making sure that when the rec button is pressed for the final recordings, everything will be flawless!


Acoustically designed to be the ultimate listening environment, Control Room A gives the engineer the clearest sonic view of the material he is working on, enabling him to sit behind the desk and make the correct choices regarding the qualities and timbre of the sound coming out of the three set of speakers available. CR A is the beating heart of the studio: All live rooms are wired and controlled by the main system located in here. It handles all the aspects of a successful production, from tracking, composing, producing, mixing in both 5.1 and stereo, to sound design, analogue mastering, sound restoration … you name it.


The little brother of Control Room A and the master control of Live Room C, Control room B is perfect for preproduction sessions, audio & midi editing, drum programming, voiceovers, jingle composing, live recordings, digital mastering as well photo and video editing . With the push of a button you can take home a recording of your rehearsal or your live session. Each time you come back to work on your material or rehearse with your band, your settings can be recalled so no time is lost in finding the perfect sound again and again.


A quiet and calming garden is waiting for you to blow off steam after a long and tiresome recording session. Whether you want to take a small break from your session or sit down and discuss the production impact & style of your new project with us, this is the place to relax. We strongly believe that the best results in a record don’t come from the gear, but from the heart of the musician and the passion present in the recording. Being relaxed and calm between tracking session is equally important to being in tune or on key! For the cold winter days (which Greece has very few of), there is an indoor lounge equipped with a TV, WiFi, Videogames and a relaxing view of the garden.