Here at MD we pride ourselves on our passion and love for Sound.

“Writing music is hard enough, getting it recorded shouldn’t be.“

In an ever evolving creative and music industry, the most successful projects are the ones that succeed in communicating the intended message and the core values of a song, an individual, a band, an idea, a product, a company, a materialized or non materialized concept or service to the intended “Audience”.

We need to approach the Audio and Visual arts as a means to translate and communicate a non material concept to a non-tangible but yet familiar and perceptible conception.

In order to create a “product” that the audience will be able to relate, interact and develop an emotional connection with, you need to resonate on a personal level with each individual, while using means and senses that are common to everyone, in our case… the sense of hearing.

This, is the beauty of Audio. Everyone is going to listen to the same sounds, the same music, but will eventually resonate with them in a uniquely personal and deeper level based on their experiences and perceptions.

Our goal is to create feelings, to excite! to surprise, to comfort, to inspire, to give hope and empower, to create unique sound for unique ideas.

Your ideas…

EBGE Award 2021 Animation Motion Graphics

EBGE Award 2021 Animation, Motion Graphics Merit

3 Gold Education Leader Awards 2021
Audio Production and Voiceover Services, E- learning material

3 Silver Education Leader Awards 2021
Audio Production and Voiceover Services, E- learning material

EBGE Award 2020 for "Greek Panigiria", for Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

EBGE Award 2020 for our in-house project “Odd Bleat's Summer Tips”.

EBGE merit 2020 for "Rebetiko" for Stavros Niarchos Foundation

EBGE merit 2020 for "SNFCC- Christmas Blocks"!

EBGE merit 2019 awards for "SNFCC Christmas Lights"

GOLD EBGE Awards 2018 in Digital Applications for ""SNFCC Christmas world"

EBGE Award at EBGE Awards 2018 in Animation for "SNFCC Christmas world"

EDAWARDS 2017 Silver for "Odyssea"

Gold at Ermis Awards 2017 for "The Bedroom Snowman"Merit at EBGE 2015 awards for "Fainareti"

Gold at Ermis Awards 2016 for "Odyssea"

Silver at Ermis Awards 2016 for "NCWR"

Bronze at Ermis Awards 2016 for "Outer Space -"

Merit at EBGE 2016 for "European Reliance"

Bronze Ermis Awards 2015 for "TEDX Light your way UP" (2 awards)