Just a few words…

MD Recording Studios is a modern recording complex located in the heart of Athens which offers audio and visual services of the highest quality. Our recently renovated premises include three live rooms, a huge control room and two rooms that cover the artist’s needs both in the creative stage and providing technical support during recordings. Our studio was designed from the ground up in order for our room acoustics to meet the highest international standards. Our careful selection of gear has been arrived at through years of experience and tests with the sole purpose of ensuring that every piece of gear works harmoniously with the rest and all work together to provide the highest audio quality.

“Writing music is hard enough, getting it recorded shouldn’t be.“

Our goal at MD Recording Studios is to provide an all-inclusive studio with the personnel, gear, ideas, vision and technical expertise, so that with our help the artist can fulfil his artistic vision exactly as he has imagined, without any compromise. From setting up your instrument to preproduction and from recording to mixing and mastering we are here to provide the appropriate environment, gear and expertise for you to feel confident about the final product.

Here at MD we pride ourselves on our passion and love for music. The core foundation of our business is people with years of experience in composing and performing music of various genres. Our studio has undertaken various projects composing music for tv shows and advertisements, and every one of them has been successful in providing the clients with excellent results. We guarantee that every project we undertake gets the best possible guidance through its creative stages right through recording and mixing.